Flat Rate


What is Flat Rate?

Flat rate means whatever we charge is ‘out-the-door’ pricing. You pay your bill and then you go!

Why Flat Rate?

We typically work as a team, and we consistently work with Assistants. This allows for our Guests to enjoy their service without worrying about ‘who to tip’ and ‘how much’. It takes the guess-work out of your checkout process.

Is the Team Happy About it?

YES, It was actually their decision! Working in a ‘tip industry’ can be very unpredictable and inconsistent (which makes budgeting difficult). Their income reflects the change and they are thrilled about the convenience it gives our guests. The team is well taken care of- no need to worry!

What if I want to ‘slip them’ something extra?

The team is very insistent that you don’t feel ‘funny’ about this change, they are very happy with the arrangement and the convenience it offers. Please, no tipping out of fairness to other Guests (we prefer to keep things consistent). But feel free to bring something non-cash related if you’d like to give a special gift for a birthday, holiday, or a thank you!